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    Welcome to Health Care Labs & Diagnostic Services (HCL)
    We are a full-service healthcare facility designed for the purpose of providing quality laboratory diagnostic services. From its original location in Amalapuram and Uppalaguptam, India,   Health Care Labs &  Diagnostic Services  has state-of-the-art, automated equipment to cater the needs of patients, physicians, laboratories and hospitals. We believe in the concept of prevention is better than cure and insist everybody to go for regular health check to avoid any major health issues.
    We provide our patients and their families with high-standard medical care and the most qualitative and quantitative data regarding the etiology and pathogenesis of a disease. We are committed to be the undisputed leader in providing world class diagnostic services, maintaining the highest ethical standards and quality.

    We are committed to "Precise diagnosis at the right time at the highest possible quality and at the lowest possible cost".
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